E-Squared Agency

How It Works

Words are the glue that make clients stick with you.

Our Unique Process

Step 1: Consult

We do a kick-off call to evaluate the State Of The Content. We discuss your current strategy and the areas in which E-Squared is fit to help you grow.  We’ll think about your customer personas, goals, and what’s worked (or not) thus far. We dive deep into your process, so we can match you with the perfect writer and pinpoint opportunities for change. This stage is all about us meeting you exactly where you are.

Step 2: Pick A Writer

We hand-pick writers in our network and send you their profiles. You’ll pick the one you like best. On a screening call, you and your writer will discuss the best way to work together. This may mean our writer attends conference calls or responds to emails under your domain name. Your writer is more than a contractor; he or she is temporarily integrated into your marketing or messaging team.

Step 3: Execute

Your writer gets writing, creating collateral under your branding guidelines and frameworks. We triple check tone, language, and message.  All final deliverables pass through our CEO’s desk. This process lasts for the duration of our work together. When it’s time to say goodbye, we’ll help “teach a man to fish” by providing strategic frameworks that can guide your content in the future.