E-Squared Agency

Our Process

Using words to bring your brand to life

Our Unique Process


They key to a successful relationship between client and agency is to meet you where you are. We kick off all work with a comprehensive phone call to go over your State Of The Content, and discuss the areas in which E-Squared is fit to help you grow.  We’ll think about your customer personas, goals, and what’s worked (or not) thus far. We dive deep into your process, so we can pinpoint opportunities for change.


Most agencies will strictly work for you- staying in contact a few times a week and only understanding the needs of your business on a simple level.  At E-Squared, we work with you, embedding ourselves onto team so that we’re temporarily alongside you - attending conference calls, responding to emails under your domain name, creating collateral under your branding guidelines and frameworks.


E-squared returns again and again to the drawing board until you’re 100% happy with the results. We’ll triple check tone, language, and message to accurately reflects your brand and business.  Once the copy is perfected, we can work with your designers and marketing team to finalize words, graphics, and layout. We also help “teach a man to fish” by providing strategic frameworks that guide your content in the future.